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Question Low success with over the air (OTA) in my upcoming house?


Does it look like I won't be able to get many over OTA feeds in my upcoming home in La Habra Heights, CA 90631 on the wrong side of the big hills/small mountains facing Mount/Mt. Wilson for Los Angeles/L.A.'s transmitters?

I borrowed a portable 7" DTV with a rabbit ear's single/one antenna. I only got channel 31.x indoor (kitchen next to its big windows) and outdoor on the front side (garage, kitchen window, etc.) of the house I could face on the sloped/tilted ground level. I also sort of got more channels, but sort of stable with FOX 11.x and KABC 7.x if I am outside in front of the house's garage and facing Mount Wilson's direction(?) (forgot to bring a compass to get its exact direction). I had to face the big hills/mountains away from the neighbor's big house. I also noticed the trees were much taller than the houses. I wonder if it possible to stick an antenna up there on their main trunks (they're not higher than the huge hills though). Is that possible?

Also, can I use that existing satellite dish to act like an OTA antenna? For kicks, I tried hooking up it up to the portable DTV and it can pick up channel 31.x like the antenna! And no, it can't get it without coax port connected. Also, the sky was cloudy and started to clear out if that matters. (tried adjusting height and need about 188 feet to get all the ones I want in green color!) (antennaweb) (location on Google Maps) (aerial shot of the rooftop -- note the existing satellite dish from the previous home owner) to show all the trees (very tall!) in front of the house (right side). (zoomed out 45 degrees aerial shot with house on the bottom right corner) (Google Earth's elevation shot of Mt. Wilson and home) (Street View of more trees on west side of the house)

Thank you in advance.

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