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Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
I'm not into sports, mainly sitcoms, action movies, crime dramas & a little news & weather.
I like some wood working, garden/landscaping & a few other things at times.
With the antenna, I'll probably just have to get what's offered on PBS for those, but that's OK.
This is just some miscellaneous information here (which you may already be aware of). One nice thing since the digital/HD conversion is the fact that many broadcast stations now have subchannels. While some of these subchannels aren't great, there are some decent ones that provide added entertainment.

For example, WGHP High Point has subchannel 8-2 which is called 'Antenna TV'. This subchannel airs vintage TV programs (such as many old sitcoms). There's also WXII Winston-Salem subchannel 12-2, which is called THIS Carolina. This subchannel shows old movies. Or WFMY Greensboro which shows weather forecasts 24/7 on 2-2.

Obviously, if you are able to view the Charlotte networks, there are other subchannels. Some of these are duplication of what is offered in the Triad, but not totally. For example, WCCB Fox Charlotte airs MeTV on 18-3. This is somewhat like Antenna TV on 8-2, but with a completely different lineup of old shows.

Subchannels supplement your viewing options and are a nice feature of digital TV.
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