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Wow. Been a long time.

Turns out that the WKTB station is also re-broadcast from another transmitter about 50 miles north of my location on RF16, while using the same virtual channel. So I just needed to tell the TV recording software to get 47.1 on RF16 to pick it up. I'm pointing the 43XG antenna in that direction - signals are strong and clear.

In total, we receive over 90 channels now (2019) with a $20 amp with very good S/N and Symbols.

With the DIY antenna, the only downside is that annual heating/cooling in the attic means the screws need tightening each fall and spring. Eventually, I might just replace them with bolts, but after 7 yrs of working well, that is doubtful. The location in the attic is very convenient, so that is a 3 minute effort when changing the HVAC filters out.

The main reason I'm back is because a bunch of local channels changed their RF broadcast frequencies over the weekend. ABC moved and NBC which is Hi-VHF also added a UHF signal using virtual channel 11.11.

Unfortunately, the tvfool DB doesn't have the updated RF frequencies at this point. I made a list, if it would help to update them, let me know how.
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