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Way to go, droidy!

Congratulations on the excellent reception you're receiving so far, even with your "ground" set up. Although is quite accurate, each viewer at their individual locations may get better results (in your case), or worse depending on their unique conditions. As rabbit73, one of the best Techs here told me once, "Your TV will tell you how well your antenna is working." That really is the bottom line.

I'm fairly certain when you get your new antenna/preamp up on your roof, you should receive equal or better reception. But even though height is paramount with antennas, you might have a bit of trial and error to optimize or find the sweet spot due to your location. Then again, you might not as you're finding out so far.

Best of luck and stay safe up on your roof; can't be overstated!

Looking forward to your pics and outcome. Thanks for keeping the forum updated!

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