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Originally Posted by Johnsonbrits View Post
In both cases, real channel 7 comes in with good quality but PBS on real channel 3 is not picked up during a scan. After tweaking antenna direction for real channel 7, I note through my main TV and PC that the Hauppauge signal monitor shows a SNR in the upper 20's to low 30's but again real channel 3 cannot be found during the scan.

The above results indicate to me that my HD8200U antenna is likely working just fine. The balun, pre-amp and cabin coax cabling are not causing problems. Antenna direction is fine since I was able to tweak against real channel 7 which is also located on Porter Mountain…… Other Thoughts Welcome!!

Thanks again,
Peter J.
Phoenix, Arizona shows K03FB on the air:

Either it isn't on the air or you have a high noise level on CH3.

I suggest you call the KAET station engineer at ASU.

Ian MacSpadden
Dir. Broadcast Engineering and Operations
Arizona State University
555 N. Central Avenue Suite 302
Phoenix, AZ 85004
US Phone:+1 (602) 496-1774
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