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Winegard HD8200U VHF question

Hi, I'm new to this forum and also somewhat to the wonderful world of antenna theory and reality!

I have a cabin in a HOA governed gated community up in Show Low, AZ. There are only two TV channels relatively close retransmitting from Phoenix. Both Fox Channel 10 (transmits on real channel 7 VHF-High) and PBS KAET Channel 8 (transmits on real Channel 3 VHF-Low) transmitters are located at Porter Mountain about 8 miles away. Due to HOA requirements the antenna is installed in the attic at 115 degrees azimuth towards Porter Mountain.

I probably went over the top and bought/installed a Winegard 8200U in the attic together with (from memory) a Channel Master Pre-Amp. I get good reception with FOX on real channel 7 but can only occasionally lock into PBS on real channel 3.

While performing physical checks of the antenna I noticed that with the antenna combiner cartridge removed that resistance between the UHF terminals was >200 ohms but for VHF the resistance is <2 ohms which does not seem right to me? Physical inspection (in a very tight attic space) revealed no issues including high resistance between the VHF antenna rods and the central antenna rod used for mounting which is what I expected. I may be chasing a "non-issue" since FOX on real channel 7 comes in without problems. Question: Is there an electrical diagram for the Winegard 8200 antenna available? Thoughts/Comments on my findings?

Lastly, I've read that a Pre-amp does not help for VHF-Low channels and would do better with it removed? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments,

Peter J.
Phoenix, Arizona
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