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Originally Posted by user name View Post
2 large uhf antennas using coax
maybe 3 large uhf antennas using coax if necessary
trying to combine antennas, using coax, to increase overall gain.
using digital to analog converter box to find signal strength
strong stations such as channel 6 are ok
I and antennas are in the attic
Although I can't offer you any help with your problem, the red sentence intrigues me.

I used two Zenith converters from 2009 up until a couple of years ago when I bought new TVs. The converters worked great, especially the signal tester. My new TVs also have signal testers but are kinda lame in comparison.

Do you have it hooked up permanently, and if so, can you elaborate on how you did it? (If you just wired it up temporarily to test the signals then I know how to do that). Any of you gurus are certainly welcome to answer my question also.

Anybody know if there is any kind of inexpensive signal tester one can buy?

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