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B,tong and you wish 50 that's all I know is that with my 150ft tower receive of channel's 1500miles away and don't forget my inverted v. ham Radio station antenna.
And do you wont want to sell the 1960,antenna ?
Well good luck but it sounds like you don't know what you are doing with outdoor tv antenna'S ,becuse the 91XG,is best ANTENNA you can buy with a narrow beam pattern
If you don't know how to use the 91,that's the kind of tock you get out of someone
That doesn't know how to use a antennas Direct 91XG,? 50,year's of ANTENNAs to
Funny stop tocking bs,and the solid signal HDB 91,with IT'S90, beam with pattern.
Works well with a channel master 7777,AMP if you're tv,Broadcasting TOWER are in a v pattern you don't need a rotor if the ANTENNA is pointed right.away frum the strongest
Tower's and more pointed tord the far away tower's works quite well and no over load"S
If you know how an ANTENNA work's you should have no problems with RECeive of BROADCASTING channel's, of 1500miles away,lol,
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