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Rca ant751

P.S. I received another reply from RCA Engineer which was appreciated and obviously they are willing to discuss their antenna in spite of CS claiming "proprietary information," as I mentioned above. But they referred to the ANT751 as a "Yagi style." Rabbit73 said the back of the antenna used for VHF High was an LPDA. So, I'm now a bit confused again as to which is which??? Any follow up would help. Here is the comment from RCA regarding the gap between the two last elements on the back of the boom:

"The longer element is called a reflector element and its length and distance from the other elements is a calculation based upon factors such as gain, front to back ratio, the bandwidths that the antenna is designed to receive, and the pattern desired by the antenna designer for the antenna reception. In a traditional Yagi style antenna, the reflector is typically longer than the other elements in the antenna."
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