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Combining 2 coax inputs into 1

I have recently installed a new HDTV which only has one coax input. However I need to combine my OTA coax signal with my SAT coax output signal into one coax...I really don't want to use an A/B switch. I am currently using an old 5-900Mhz splitter in reverse as a combiner...However the OTA signal is perfect, the SAT picture is a bit faded.

The modulator from my Dish receiver (VIP622DVR), which I use TV2 output, is set for channel 60 which provides a good picture when attached directly to the TV via coax. I have tried 2 different Diplexors with no luck. Diplexor 1 was 5-2150Mhz in which the OTA pic was good but no Sat pic only snow. Diplexor 2 was 5-1100Mhz and only one signal would pass...but it was perfect...however none on the other coax.

Any ideas on cleaning up the SAT pic would be very helpful...Thanks
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