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Based on manufactures specs. & cost my mind tells me that my $70.00 LNA-200 should perform better than my $23.00 RCAís but when I swap them back & forth I canít tell any difference (signal strength & SNR). The one difference Iíve repeatedly noticed is that the RCAís seem more immune to overload from my strong FM & TV stations when the array is pointed at them.

Iíve only found two amplifier designs that donít show this overload issue, the RCAís and my various PCT drop amplifiers (MA-B1015-1A, PCT-MA2-4P & PCT MA2-M). The drop amps donít have as much gain but my SNRís hardly change when I trade between the RCAís & the PCTís.

It would be really interesting to compare the dynamic ranges & strong signal handling characteristics of the various offerings.

As always, great work!
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