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We have one every once in a while.

As it turns out, when the factory changed the mold for the enclosure a few years back (when they transitioned from a traditional ferrite matching transformer to the PCB version), they forgot to include the weep holes in the new enclosure.

Call in during business hours and tell customer service you need a new "91XG Balun Assembly" and tell them specifically to be sure that the replacement must have weep holes drilled in the case before the replacement ships out. Depending on who you get, they may or may not be clear on what you mean so just tell them to include that in the message to the person who ships out warranty replacement parts. That person does know the routine.

If you want to drill out the enclosure yourself, it's two small 1/16" holes on the side of the plastic enclosure opposite the balun element. When reassembling the balun assembly to the boom, put a gob of silicone sealant into and around the captive nut of the enclosure, then attach it back to the boom using the original screw.

You may need to replace the coax from the balun as it might have turned into a water line.
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