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Antennas Direct 91XG Water Infiltration of Balun?

We had 4 inches of rain in our area overnight and today I am experiencing low signal strength on UHF stations. My antenna system is a 91XG for UHF and a Y10713 on VHF combined with a UVSJ and then running 50 ft to a distribution amp. Following the heavy rain I have experienced no decrease in signal strength on the VHF side but all signals are down on the UHF side. The weakest stations are completely gone. Several stations that were not at max strength before but had good quality are now weaker and have dropped in quality.

Has anyone ever experienced water infiltration of the balun on the 91XG? It is about the only point in the system where I would have any concerns about water causing a problem. Everything else is very well sealed. If water infiltration is the problem, I would expect it to clear up after a few days of nice weather dries it out.
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