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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
... It appears that the "original" CM-4228 is a design evolution of this model?...
Yes Pete, it appears so.

Since your comment, I looked at a 1973 Channel Master catalog, it shows the 4228 as is commonly known. So, guess the design change occurred before 1973.

Some of the story behind it:

When the antenna was purchased, I was working as a technician at a regional TV repair & Motorola 2-Way radio service center. That business only handled Channel Master TV antennas. And, I thought it was a Channel Master antenna.

Last year, a long-time retired TV antenna installer was at my shop (garage in the earlier photo). Inside on one wall, were six 8-bays hanging side-by-side.

Without providing any information, I asked the experienced TV antenna man to identify the antennas.

He identified all the 8-bays.

He pointed out:

- Four of the 'original' CM-4228s,
- One 8-bay was copy of a 4228 made at a regional factory, and
- This particular 8-bay antenna as an old Channel Master antenna.

So, if it looks like a ..., quacks like a ... it must be...

...Solid Signal notified me that my HDB8X shipped on the 30th...
Yes, saw your comments in a neighboring thread:

You may have the earliest reports on it.

Will be quite interested in your assessment of the antenna.
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