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OTA Install Advice

Channel Master CM-4220HD
SignalVision Digital Subscriber Amp SV-A15-8PRS
TV in Living Room
TV in Office
TV in Master Bedroom

Signal Map:

I have installed the CM-4220HD on the East Side of the house at about 25' up. It is pointed at about 140 degrees to try in be in the "general direction" of all the channels that I want in my green section of the chart.

The antenna is about 60 feet of coax before it hits the house box to be split to the different rooms. I noticed that when I wire the antenna directly to one TV I get about all of the channels. Some channels like 8.1, 14.1 come in but pixelate at 5 to 8 second intervals. The rest seem fine. Problem number 1.

When I install the SV-A15-8PRS AMP without power, just to split the signal to the three rooms then I only get about 5-8 channels and those are hit and miss at times. The nearest power source for my amp is located about 30 feet away and is outside. That concerns me, cause I think about the rain. Problem Number 2. However, since the day was nice and clear I decided to power it up and see what the results were. Basically they we similar as the antenna direct to one tv. Now all three TVs had clear channels with the exception of the above mentioned 8.1, 14.1 and a few others.


So would upgrading my antenna to a CM-4221HD or CM-4228HD improve my signal reception so I would not have to power my AMP to push the signal to all my TVs?

Or should I do both upgrade the antenna and figure out a weather safe power source for my amp, or buy individual amps at each tv to improve the signal reception?
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