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Originally Posted by vinita1946 View Post
We are in an RV and only have a mounted antenna. We have trouble locating channels and keeping them locked in. Lots of fade out during the day and now we have lost all channels. Anyone familiar with RV Tv boosters?
Are you trying to watch TV while in motion? It this is the case, then you should be advised that ATSC digital OTA standard used by all US and most Canadian OTA TV stations does not work well for receivers in motion. This is why ATSC-M/H (mobile/handheld) was developed. It is commonly known as Mobile Digital TV or MDTV. You might want to Google Mobile DTV. Many broadcast stations simulcast their programming on MDTV. However, few if any US markets have more than a minority of their TV stations available via MDTV. In the case of my state, not a single TV station is available via MDTV.

If you are able to receive regular ATSC while on the road, then you will just have to keep our antenna directed toward the broadcast tower. If your antenna mount is not rotatable, then you should replace your mount with one that is.
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