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People use non-amplified splitters all the time. I am using a 2 way non-amplified splitter on my 91XG. My preamp is up on the mast and that's where I let the amplification work from. My backup RCA ANT751 is completely non-amplified. It runs through 150' of coax and the same non-amplified splitter. The ANT751 gives me barn burning strengths on my local signals.

Distribution amps are best installed when you have 3 or more splits over long runs of coax 100'+. Members here have combined preamps and distribution amps in the past with success. It is considered tricky though. Maybe the ones who've been successful might jump in on this thread.

In short though, yes, amplification can be "too much of a good thing." I consider myself very fortunate to be able to run my preamp. I am line of sight to my local broadcasts almost due east. In selecting the 91XG I wanted to nullify those powerful signals for a CBS translator throwing 400watts my way at 55 miles. That signal I wanted is in the 7db signal range. I am able via the 91XG to see that distant CBS as well as pick up my locals at about 50 - 75% off the side. If I had an antenna that had a wider beamwith grabbing more signal from the strong locals, I could easily go into an overload situation.

Amplification is an aid, not a cure for poor signal access. It helps to quote a wise member here, keeps the hose pressure up. You put too much pressure on you overwhelm the hose (IE - tv tuner).

When I was visiting family in 2012 in eastern Indiana, it was common to see 50' or even 75' towers next to homes to get over the trees. This was in the city too. The folks that spent the money on these towers gave themselves the best possible chance for the market they wanted. On those towers were massive channel master all band antennas - 12' to 16'ers.

Montreal is extremely weak according to your TVfool plot. The fact you see signals from that market is indicative of your antenna is outperforming this plot. They are extremely weak and reliable reception will likely be elusive due to trees and the susceptibility extremely weak signals have to atmospheric variances.

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