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Normally it's frowned upon to bring back old threads. That's why I posted a new thread.
What is frowned upon is tacking your problem on the end of the thread of another forum member, which you didn't do.

If you start another thread for your same problem, we either have to ask for the details all over again, or hunt for the old thread. This takes a lot longer to try to solve the problem.

The most efficient helpful way is to add your new questions and information about the same problem to the original thread, which keeps it all together in the same thread.
Also Ch6 has been coming in great for quite a while like a year and a half. Within the past week it started having issues.
OTA signals constantly vary in strength. Trees and buildings can pop up in the signal path. Your reception equipment can fail. Changes can be made to your home, like a metal screen on a window which will block signals. WRGB might be having trouble with its transmitter.
Are these what you are talking about?

How do I connect them to improve my signals?
First try this test, without the C2V, to see if you can get ch6 OK:

CH6 ANT > FM Trap > TV

then try this:

CH6 ANT > FM Trap > preamp > power inserter > TV

If that works, then try this:

              C2V > 
                  HLSJ > preamp > power inserter > TV
CH6 ANT > FM Trap >
If NBC 12 and Fox 7 aren't doing well, try this:

    C2V > 
        HLSJ > FM trap > preamp > power inserter > TV
Please consider this an experiment; I am not able to give you a guarantee.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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