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Welcome back to the forum, 2CfreeTV

Thank you for the signal report. Your old report is no longer on the tvfool server.
I'm currently using a ClearStream 2V "indoors" with an antenna amp. installed
You have a previous thread where we covered your reception problem pretty well.
How do I get my CS2V Antenna set right?

It would have been better if you had stayed with the original thread instead of starting a new thread, so that we wouldn't have to hunt for your background information.

Have you made any changes since then?

Where "indoors" is the antenna located, still in the S facing window for your SW signals?
It's tabled mounted indoors facing out a South side window. It's currently at a Southeastern angle. I'd say pointed in the general direction of HVCC.
Why is it aimed SE?

What amp are you using, the RCA Digital Signal Amplifier?
So it looks like I'm sticking to the RCA Digital Signal Amplifier.
Which looks like the RCA AMP1450R, which is not a very good amp. They don't even give the specs for it.

WRGB CBS on real channel 6 requires an antenna that is much longer than the "V" dipole of your C2V antenna for best reception, because it is a VHF-Low channel.

It is the real channel number that determines what antenna is needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

The virtual channel number (like 5.1) is a holdover from the analog TV days to maintain the identity of the station, and is what the TV displays.
How do I improve my reception of Ch6 & Ch14? Do I need a separate antenna to receive either of those channels? If so, which kind?
WRGB and WYBN are the channels you were having trouble with before. If you haven't made any improvements, then it is to be expected that you will still be having trouble with them. You will need to upgrade you antenna system to even have a chance to improve your reception of those two difficult channels.

In order to even try for WRGB, you have to solve two problems.

The fist problem is the antenna. You can try a twin lead folded dipole for Channel 6:

The center frequency for channel 6 is 85 MHz.
5540/85 = 65.2 inches for length of folded dipole

The second problem with channel 6 is FM interference. WRPI FM is only 1 mile away and is strong enough to interfere with the reception of WRGB, as mentioned by Tower Guy in your previous thread.

Most FM filters would make channel 6 much weaker, but an old Radio Shack filter is designed to make the FM signals weaker without doing a lot of harm to channel 6.

The red line is the Radio Shack FM filter that is designed to spare channel 6 while making the FM signals weaker.

If you can't find the Radio Shack FM trap, you will need to order a custom made filter.

If you can get the folded dipole and FM filter to improve the reception of channel 6, you can use another A/B switch to change antennas, or find a HLSJ VHF-High/VHF-Low Combiner that will combine the folded dipole with your C2V.
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