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Help with OTA reception in San Jose, CA


I kindly request for antenna(s) & Pre-amp advice based one the following information:

Zip code: 95127
2 storied single family home.
Number of TV's : 2. I currently have a dish network dish antenna that does the wire splitting to the 2 TVs
Terrain- mostly 2 stroried houses with a couple of trees in my neighbors backyard, but not heavily forested. (I'm in Alum Rock park foothills about 3-4 miles away from the actual Alum rock hills)
TV: Sony NSX-46GT1 @ 1080p & my second TV is a samsung digital TV @ 1080p (both with built in TV Tuner)

Also, as requested here's my TV Fool link

I can roof mount my antenna, about 15/20 ft high. From the looks of it most of my stations are UHF, some VHF. I recon most of the channels are available from the Sutra Station in SF. SF is about 60 miles from me driving on the 101.

I have seen other discussions talking about the Antennacraft HBU33 or the HBU44. These seem really big though and not sure if need all this fire power?
Also, it was zip code and wanted to confirm this would work from where I am, slightly elevated or would an amplified indoor antenna do?

- Also, for 2-3 tv's would I need a Channel Master CM3414 distribution amp/splitter ?

- Where would I need to aim my antenna ? Seems like I get most of my channels on the 288 deg to 293 deg.

Thanks a lot (in advance) for your help with this setup.
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