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WTOO-CD in Johnstown, PA market

Looks like WTOO is on the air in Huntingdon and Saxton, PA. has the physical channel listed as 23 and display channel as 50. I found it with a channel rescan when I finished up my brother's OTA system today in Saxton. With the first scan it knocked out WATM, which has a display of 23.1, and all of it's sub channels (23.1-23.4). Unfortunately, WTOO has a display channel of 23.1 also, which is contrary to With the next rescan, the TV picked up both WTOO and WATM (with subchannels). Both stations are displaying 23.1 as their channel number with WTOO carrying the Home shopping network (yippee..sarcasm) and WATM carrying ABC. Anyone know where WTOO is broadcasting from? It looks like the old analog tower was/is located near Williamsburg not far from Huntingdon. I was just wondering if it's still located there, or if broadcasting operations were moved to Altoona.
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