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I'll see if I can get a picture of the present antenna.
I just assumed there was analog and digital antennas.

The height is about 20'.
There are no obstructions.
Trees, buildings or hills.
There is one tree @ 50' north that has no affect,.

I can't tell you what model it is.
I'm senile and I bought it 25 years ago, m/l.

I want to think it's a Channel Master and it was one with higher mileage ratings.
It was a VHF and the UHF was an add on.

My elevation is pretty high.
I'm on the second highest place in Armstrong County.

I couldn't find my compass which was unreliable.
North would move 45 degrees.
Just ordered anew, better one.
But, I'm somewhere between 210-235.

I realize that's a big window.

(I have a picture but don't know how to add it)
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