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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
WMYD is not real channel 20, it is real channel 21 and VIRTUAL channel 20.1. If you are going to use a virtual channel number, please use the decimal form to avoid confusion. Giving the callsign, as you just did, is even better.
In conversation I always refer to the channel number the station is identified with rather than the real (assuming its different), I understand the difference, regardless I tried the direct 20.1 point of 29 degrees magnetic this morning & I was surprised that I lost all but 6 channels of 36 (with the 22 degree point), I know its directional but that is a really an extreme blackout point, even local WNWO-TV 49 (24) dropped which I get with a 22 degree point with preamp even though its 98 degrees magnetic, anyhow WMYD is still a mystery.
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