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but I get a lot of varying results looking up flex antennae. can you link me to exactly the one you are recommending?You can go directly to Antennas Direct website to get all the info you need about the new Flex Indoor Antenna. Also, there is another review that just appeared on Tom's Guide on the web.

Skip both the Mohu (all of them except, perhaps, the Glide) and the Eclipse, they are UHF-only designs and are very poor on VHF channels. The Flex has both excellent VHF and UHF reception characteristics. It does come with an amp that probably is not needed.Actually, I was quite surprised from both the Mohu and Eclipse (especially) at the stable picture quality and viewing on VHF in my location here. I also tried their new Glide and the signal strength was better overall, except there was a noticeable drop in real channels 7-9, from 11-13 which were stronger; 7-9 measured around 26-27 on my meter but 11-13 showed 30. So, there was a downward curve in the Glide's performance in my home.

Shenrie, if you're going to watch your TV from your RV, the above Indoor antennas would probably work for you, depending upon where you actually are camping. Antennas Direct has a couple in their RV on their website with an Eclipse Indoor Antenna on their window! And they look happy with their set up.

Anyway, you'll find TV Fool very helpful for your OTA issues. Everyone has always been quick to answer my questions. An essential website IMHO!
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