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The Colour overlays aren't that accurate, compared to the "pinpoint" map where you click and position the pushpin on a specific location and it gives you all the channels and their levels on that specific location.

Maybe I'm looking for a combo "coverage map" and "pinpoint" map that is more precise?

Ok, let me give you a specific example of what I'm trying to do:

I zoom into a map of a neighbourhood (so pretty low-level, detailed map) where I can see every street name and intersection.

I would like to then enter in a station / channel number and a NM-dB number. I would like to see a splash of colour (or some indicator) of the locations in this neighbourhood that meets my criteria.

I think the coverage map gives me a high level display and when I zoom down to the lowest level, I dont get the colours to show up any more.

Also, the current map shows grades of signal strength from weak to strong... what I want to see is colours for a specific level... so I want to see an area with just GREEN signal (say 20 db NM) or just weak signals (red), say 5dB NM) or very weak (say -8 db NM), etc...
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