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Thanks for the suggestion!

If I'm reading this correctly, isn't this something you can accomplish with the existing color-coded maps? The station overlays are already colored according to the NM. That is, every location that is covered by the same "orange" color will get approximately the same NM signal, every place that's "yellow" will get about the same signal, same goes for "green", "cyan", "blue", "purple", etc.

If you want to find a new location that has a signal strength that is at least as good as your current location, then you just need to find a place that is equal or higher on the signal strength color scale.

It might help to keep in mind that the color scale follows the order of colors in the rainbow ("roygbiv") where red is strongest and violet is the weakest.

If you were thinking of something else, then by all means, please elaborate or talk through an example.
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