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Hi, Jon:

What antenna are you using now, and where is it located?

Are you using a preamp?

What channels do you need besides CBS?

The DB8E, with both panels aimed at 92 degrees magnetic would be a good choice. The 91XG yagi would also be a good choice, but these are both UHF antennas for real channels 14-51. If you also need VHF-High real channels 7-13, then you will need a VHF/UHF combo antenna like the Winegard HG7697P or 7698.

If you must have WJLP MeTV on real channel 3, then you would need an even bigger antenna that also covers VHF-Low, real channels 2-6.

WCBS-DT CBS is a 2Edge signal because of the terrain interference from what I think is the Watchung Mountains. I used to live in NJ and would drive up the mountain for more elevation to operate 2 meter ham radio from my car. If you click on the callsign in your report, you can see the terrain profile. The transmitter is on the left, your location is on the right. See attachment 1.

If you look at the coverage map, you can see that the WCBS signal barely makes it to your location.

Wondering how much this will negatively affect reception, and if this is a lost cause.
Trees and other buildings will block signals. There is no magic antenna that will "see" through trees. I see a lot of trees in your area. See attachments 3 and 4. As a general rule, a smaller antenna mounted above the trees does better than a larger antenna mounted lower.

I don't know if it's a lost cause, you will just have to try it.
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