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OTA NE Seattle

My radar link

I would love to get rid of Comcast and still see my programs on TV. Thirty years ago we gave up on OTA because of poor reception. As I recall KCTS(PBS-9) and KCTS (11) were watchable the rest not so much. As you can see on the plots the I have a hill in my back yard right between me and Queen Ann Hill.

We would like to get ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ION, KCPQ(FOX), KONG. Is there any reason to think we might have better luck in 2014 than back in the eighties? If so what anttenna etc? Back in the day I was the TV Guru adding tin foil to rabbit ears and stringing wires around the living room to pick up stations - but was then and now I would like to have more than blind luck and intuition to go on - Thanks for all in advance
John B
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