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KCWX Channel 5 , is at 333 degree magnetic compass.

KSAT Channel 12 , is at 164 degree magnetic compass.

KLRN Channel 09. is at 187 degree magnetic compass.

Using a Real big High Gain antenna such as a Winegard HD5030 channels 2 thru 13 antenna , aimed at 333 degree magnetic compass will provide great reception of KCWX channel 5 ,

However that will put , KLRN 09 at 187 degree , and KDAT 12 at 164 degree , on the back of this highly directional in the forward direction HD5030 antenna.

The signal strengths of KLRN and KSAT are Strong , Yes Strong enough to be received through the back of the antenna , however you say there are reception problems with KLRN and KSAT.

And aiming the HD5030 at KLRN and KSAT is not an option because KCWX is Weak Signal Strength , so do not want KCWX on the back of the HD5030 antenna.

And the HD5030 is one big honk'n antenna.

There has got to be a different way to do this.

So I suggest disconnect the VHF High band channels 7 thru 13 VHF reception rods.

And connect a Antenna Craft CS600 channels 2 thru 13 antenna connected to the VHF connection of the UVSJ UHF/VHF Separator/Joiner.

And aim the CS600 at about 333 degree magnetic compass direction.

The CS600 does have long reception rods for the reception of the VHF low band channels 2 thru 6 , so will better receive KCWX channel 05. However at lower gain then the HD5030.

However that is some what off set buy the advantage of the CS600 to receive better at the back of the CS600 , KLRN channel 09 , KSAT channel 12.

I recommend give the CS600 a try.

Aim the CS600 at about 333 degree magnetic compass direction , KCWX.

Disconnect and remove the VHF high band reception rods.

And connect the CS600.

Can buy a CS600 at , , ,

The CS600 VHF antenna can be installed above or below the CS2 UHF antenna.

Seperate the antennas by about 3 feet.

Also the antenna aiming and location is Experimental.

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