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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Finally, I kept the 4 Bay UHF antenna pointed at Mingus and put a UHF 2 Bay directly behind the 4 Bay, pointed at Mt. Francis.
Voila!!!!!!!!! I got everything from Mt. Francis and everything
from Mingus Mtn PLUS NBC on Rf 22 and Rf 13 as well.
I then connected the 2 bay antenna to see how it performed with the 4 Bay at it's back. Received all Mt Francis, all Mingus Mtn, plus NBC on Rf 22. It is weak but consistent.
Interesting setup. I read it a few times, but also don't quite get it yet. A diagram and photos would help.

This map and TVFool report are based on your description:

Please post your TVFool report. I'm not certain how close my guess is.
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