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Hello, Geezer64; welcome back. I see you have been here before; your previous threads for reference:
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Thank you for the TVFool report. It's only resolved to block level, but it might be close enough.

I see that you have a different antenna now. The dipole for the CS4MAX doesn't have as much gain for VHF-High as your previous antenna had. But, since you had trouble with WVEC 13 before, maybe something else is wrong.

Are you using a preamp now?

You have some strong local FM transmitters that might cause interference to the reception of WVEC.

An FM filter might help. I see that the Antennas Direct FM filter is no longer in stock:

Since Antennas Direct was the last regular supplier of FM filters, I don't understand why they discontinued it.

If they brought it back in stock, they could charge 2 or 3 times as much to make a good profit. Making it available would encourage people to buy their other products.

If you can't find an FM filter from other sources like eBay or Amazon, then a HLSJ can be used as an FM filter.

If that doesn't work. you might have to add a dedicated VHF-High antenna to your CS4MAX and combine them with a UVSJ UHF/VHF combiner.
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