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And I see they now have an outdoor version of the same antenna. It might be worth further investigation???
Thanks; I didn't know about that. Is it the GE 29884 Pro Outdoor/Attic Mount Antenna? Click on Outdoor 70 mile version:

But what is surprising is how good the GE Indoor/Attic performed in your location, compared to both the RCAs.
My guess is the reflector design helps the UHF gain a lot. The directors look like director pairs as in the Winegard patent. But, I haven't figured out the driven element that looks like a long dipole instead of a tetrapole or how the UHF yagi and the VHF dipole are combined. I'm not quite ready to open it up to find out, but the urge is getting very strong.

Please keep in mind what I said above. My measurements indicate how the antennas performed at my location, but they might not be a reliable indicator of the actual gain of the antennas.
I feel like I'm back in school and really enjoying both you "professor's" lectures!! I'm doing a lot of homework, but ever learning.
This "professor" is still learning too, even after 76 years of antenna experiments.
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