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Thanks for posting further testing results rabbit73! Very interesting indeed.

My amateur sense and experience with the RCA751 here at my location, and the nearly 5000 posts on Amazon from users all over the country have indicated its good to excellent performance in a variety of terrain. When RCA removed several elements from their new 7511, especially the UHF Tetrapole and VHF LPDA (I hope I wrote correctly here?), even a dummy like me could figure there would be a compromise in performance.

But what is surprising is how good the GE Indoor/Attic performed in your location, compared to both the RCAs. The GE is getting good reviews on Amazon. And I see they now have an outdoor version of the same antenna. It might be worth further investigation???

I'll be very interested in ADTechs findings when he posts them too. I feel like I'm back in school and really enjoying both you "professor's" lectures!! I'm doing a lot of homework, but ever learning. Thanks to you both again for sticking with this thread!
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