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Yeah, got my East and West reversed. Sorry about that.

The current tower I have is a 30' tower but I'm only using 2 of the sections. So only at 20 feet right now. The pole is a 20' telescoping pole. So I should be able to reach 50' as long as I can guy it safely. But I still wonder if I should add guy wire to the tower since 15' of the tower would be above the roof. I would of course add guy wire to the telescoping pole at the half way point. I'm just concerned about the 15' of tower above the roof.

Guess if I'm going to go through the trouble of adding guy wire, why not add more to be safe.

I like the idea of the tilt-over-mast, thanks for sharing that idea. But I don't really have any area in the yard for that. If I didn't have the back extension on the house I would just put the tower at the end of the house and strap it at the eve.
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