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ADTech’s suggestion of starting with a piece of new or known-good cable at the ground block and running it to a TV is a good one.

In an ideal case, things would go:
Antenna => Ground block => 4 way splitter => 3x TV’s, 1x 75 ohm terminator.

In that case, it would be nice to know the cable from the antenna to the ground block, the cable from the ground block to the splitter, and the 3x cables to the TV’s were good.

Cascading two 2-way splitters will only be a bit more lossy than a single 4-way splitter, so as long as you know the cables between them are good the way you are wired now is not bad.

Radio Shack splitters are very hit or miss. If it is a good brand that radio shack has put a label over, then it is a good splitter. If it is a cheap piece of junk with a radio shack label on it, then it is a piece of junk. It may be worth trying bypassing the splitters with good quality F-F couplers to see if reception at the hooked up TV improves. If it does, hunt down new splitters. (I like PCT splitters, they are what Comcast used in my apartment in college and I have had good luck with them.)

Your area is sort of multi path hell. Even with a LOS path, it is possible multi path is bouncing around. If some of your TV’s are newer than others, some of the tuners may handle the signal they are seeing better than others.
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