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Thanks. I will definitely give the kit a try. At only $15 it is worth a try.

FOX was always confusing b/c the tower is literally right next to NBC and they both broadcast in UHF and I never have a problem with NBC. FOX I had to rotate my antenna just right to pick up both FOX while keeping PBS in range which neither of which I can now get on my TV in the basement.

I should have noted that I was able to get PBS at one time before I adjusted the antenna to get FOX upstairs. Once I was able to get FOX and PBS upstairs I could not get PBS or FOX downstairs. I then rerouted the cable that ran downstairs. I originally had it that it was going through a previously installed splitter on the outside and going through a separate cable to the TV downstairs.

I will try to run a single coax cable from the TV in the basement to the grounding coupler outside and see if that helps at all. Even it that does work, I'm still unsure the best way to 'rebuild' the distribution system.
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