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Wink Help with TV to work with OTA

Really liking the idea and having fun playing with OTA. Not sure if I'm posting in the right forum but I have a problem with the television.

Made a simple antenna with two wires and just wanted to see what channels I could get. Indoor and scanning two tvs I was able to pick up 13 channels, if I held the antenna near the window.

Our shower has a waterproof TV from China. It has PAL and NTSC and my settings are correct for north america. I can scan with cable company and picks up channels but with my homemade antenna I get nothing. The tv when it scans it scans mhz from approx 100-900mhz and then stores the channels in the presets.

My question is what kind of tv do I have? Will it ever work with OTA? Is it just my homemade antenna not letting me pickup channels. Do I need a combo vhf/uhf antenna? Thanks in advance

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