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You can install an antenna yourself. Roof mounting is the way to go, placing the antenna as high as possible. Can you go any higher? For example, you can put a 10' mast in a 10' tripod (maybe with guy wires) and get roughly 20' above your roof peak. Can you post a new plot for a greater height? 25' is about the roof peak for most houses here.

A much higher stand-alone tower is also an option, if you have the land and the budget. If you are really rural, this might be an option.

Here is some installation discussion that may help you: You can look here for examples of the kind of roof mounts that are available:

There are also installers available. Look at the top of the forum for a link where you can connect with an installer.

The group of stations to your southwest are from Hartford (WTIC) and Springfield (WGBY). The alternative to that group is to try for the Boston stations (WGBH 122 magnetic). It would be interesting to see which stations become stronger as you go higher.

There are other markets (Providence, NH cities) which you might pick up, but they are so widely spread out they may not be worthwhile.

Based on this, I'd probably suggest a roof mounted Antennas Direct DB8e pointed southwest at Hartford and Springfield. You can aim the panels separately, and you can experiment with spreading the panels a little.

You can look up the transmitter details on the FCC web site - just type in the call sign and it will tell you what city the station services.

Just a comment - I took my report and made a spreadsheet from the call sign, real channel, virtual channel, broadcast band, market, programming, NM, and magnetic direction. It was very helpful to sort the channels by band and magnetic direction. I could also discard the channels I was clearly not interested in (Spanish, evangelical, shopping, low power translator - lots of those). Then I could better see which directions were likely to collect the channels that I wanted.

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