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Teleview, Thanks for all the recommendations. There are some good options to consider. I think you covered it all. And thank you for supplying the links. I have been looking at everything you've mentioned.

If I was to go the DIY route, how would the GH10n3, suggested by GroundUrMast, compare to what you have recommended (based on my report)? It would pick up both UHF and VHF correct? Also, would this require an pre-amplifier?

Fortunately, I am only using this for 1 television so I don't have to worry about signal loss from splitting. However, there are a few large trees around. That is why I am putting this on the peak of my roof(secured by the chimney mount you so graciously recommended).

I will probably end up purchasing one of your great recommendations, but money is tight with a newborn now and want to exhaust all options before making a major purchase.

I really appreciate the input here. I'm science teacher and learning about the logistics of OTA signals is pretty fascinating.
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