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Would you take the RCA TVPRAMP1R over the Antennas Direct PA-18?
In many cases, my answer would be an unqualified, 'yes'. The PA-18 is not an ideal choice when there is one or more strong signals present. In a case such as yours, where all signal levels are moderate to low, the PA-18 is a very good option. While limited to weak signal applications, the PA-18 has a remarkably good noise figure and if used for a single antenna application, may slightly outperform the RCA. It's price point is roughly the same as the LNA-200.

The RCA preamp has proven to have remarkable tolerance to strong signals, a decent noise figure in practice and a very attractive price. The RCA is a surprisingly good 'one-size-fits-all' preamplifier.

While I'm sure teleview is sincere in their preference for the Winegard LNA amplifiers, my experience and the experience shared by others prevents me from sharing that conclusion. This is one case where their self-promoting claim, "The Best Recommendation for the Best Reception." seems to be in doubt.
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