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A single combination antenna may work. My preference would be two separate antennas, one UHF and a High-VHF.

For UHF, the Antennas Direct DB4e stands out. It has both gain and broad forward beam-width. Both factors are helpful in your situation. The Antennacraft Y10713 and Winegard YA1713 are very similar, either would be appropriate for High-VHF.

By using two antennas, you'll have the ability to fine tune the aim of each, which improves your chances at reliable reception of more stations. For UHF I would suggest a starting aim point of about 215, for H-VHF about 220. Adjust each to maximize reception reliability. (Of course, the UHF aim will affect real CH 14 and higher. When adjusting the H-VHF antenna aim you'll be optimizing real CH-8, 10 & 12.)

An UVSJ will be needed to combine the two antenna outputs into a single down-lead. An Antennas Direct PA-18 or CPA-19 would be my choice for a preamp.

A single combo antenna such as the Winegard HD7696P would be an alternative to the dual antenna system.

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