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As you can see my channel are spread out, any suggestions? What other info do you need?
I already did an analysis for you.

and your tvfool report still looks as bad now as it did then. You have a lot of weak channels in many directions.

What you need is something like this:

If you insist on sticking with two DB8es, this is about all you can expect:

DB8e No. 1 aimed at 278 degrees magnetic
WCDC ABC, real channel 36

DB8e No. 2 aimed at 347 degrees magnetic
WVTA PBS, real channel 24
WNNE NBC, real channel 25

If DB8e No.1 doesn't get you ABC, you will need a VHF-High yagi for WMUR on real channel 9

If you want CBS you will need a VHF-Low antenna for WRGB on real channel 6 or a 3rd UHF antenna for WBZ.

Each antenna should have its own preamp and the combining should be done down below after the power inserters.

Antenna No. 1 should be connected to the antenna input of the TV, and antenna No. 2 should be connected to a separate tuner and its output connected to the aux input of the TV.

No, you can't combine the two antennas with a splitter in reverse. Well, you can, but you probably will not like the results.
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