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Hey Tim ... #1 does seem be winning out.

The one thing that "concerns" me is the height of the pole and needing the two antennae to be at least 3' apart ... which puts either one up higher and more top heavy - or am I just being over-paranoid??

I still have not tested the fascia board to see if it is OK (not soft from rot).

I like the look of the Y5713 at the top, but I am not married to it. That KPTS-DT (PBS) is 50 miles out and we don't really ever watch that so it's not that important to receiving it. If we happen to get it, fine ... if not, fine! I have, however, been threatened with a beating if my youngest daughter doesn't get to see the CW, CBS and Fox

I will be testing, of course, both antennae at the top to see which performs better.

#3 is probably not going to happen ... just as you stated, the preamp would have to be separated from one of the two antenna by about 4-5 feet and grounding would be more of a challenge!

The one reason I still continue to go back to #2, the ground-mounted 22' pole is that it just "feels" like it would be more secure - 10" X 10" X 12" deep cement pad, with that mast ground mount cemented in the pad along with clamps on the fascia board ... if I calculated it correctly, I would have just enough height to pull it off - the cement pad would be about 1-2" above ground level, then ~15' from that to the peak of the roof, giving me roughly 7' or 84" ... with the DB4e being approximately 37" high and the Y5713 being about say 5" high - this should give me about 40 to 41" of clearance between antennae.

Yes, my costs would be about $90-$100 more ... but my wife told me that to her, it looks like it would be more secure and less susceptible to being blown over and hitting our neighbor's home. I did show her an option to use guy wires as well, taking one down each roof line (from the peak, down each fascia board) and the third along the peak of the roof so they would kind of, sort of blend in with the home to help secure it even more.

Guys ... I know I am being annoyingly over-paranoid!! And as my wife said last night ... I need to poo or get off the pot!

I just want this whole thing to be done and over with and work like a charm - 100% crystal clear reception, 24x7!!!!

It's a nice dream ...

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