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FM reception in metal fabrication shop

I work in a large fabrication shop, with lots of metal all around, the out side of the building is metal, much of the floors are steel plates. I am limited to about 3 radio stations, which was not a problem because I could use my phone to stream my favorite music/ talk shows. Cell phones have been banned on the floor so here I am.

I am able to get WNIR, WONE, WQMX. I am mostly interested in getting WMMS, and WRQK. I was using a sony cd player that has a single wire (not ideal). Yesterday I took a computer power supply and wired it up to an old cd player head unit for a car. Took it into work today and was able to get a few more stations but not the ones I really want. I was using a 24" long car antenna.

I have a pretty large work area but I am not able to mount this on the roof or up very high (maybe 7 or 8ft off the ground tops). I'm right by two large doors on the northeast side of the building which I hope gives me an advantage.

I have an adapter to go from the Motorola antenna plug on the back of the radio to a F type connection so I can use any regular antenna.

A guy who used to work there was able to pick up the station I am interested in but I have no idea what he used other than an old receiver.

I was thinking about purchasing the Winegard HD6010.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.
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