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Understood, but your background information helps others who are trying to help you, which is why it is best to keep it all on one thread.

It would have been even better if you had posted both problems on the Help With Reception thread where more people would see them:

I have taken steps to now pull in the signal that I was having an issue with in the other thread.
What steps have you taken? If you are willing to share that information about how you were able to improve your reception maybe we can learn something from it.

I addressed your NEW issue on your AVS ihread. Did you see it and read it?:
Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
It is possible that the tuner in the KDL32L4000 isn't as sensitive as the tuners in the other TVs or maybe the signals coming to that TV are weaker because of a longer coax run. It might make a difference with marginal signals.

The tuner in my KDL22L5000 isn't quite as sensitive as the tuner in my 32R400A. Can you switch TV locations to see if it is the TV or the signals?

To test tuner sensitivity, I use an inexpensive adjustable attenuator and a splitter to see which tuner drops out last as I make the signals weaker.

If it is the signals and not the TV, we might want to look at your tvfool signal report:
Did you find that my answer for your NEW issue about differences in tuner sensitivity had no merit?

I have 5 Sony TVs, and each has a Diagnostics Screen giving signal strength, SNR and uncorrected errors. I have made tuner sensitivity tests of all 5 using a professional signal level meter (SLM), so I have a good understanding of the differences in tuners.

Did you find that my answer about switching TVs to see if it was the TV or the signals to that TV location had no merit?
Is there a chance the station is broadcasting some shows in 1080p and my 720p is just lagging trying to downscale?
I also said that NBC on WMFP has been scaled to 720P. Did you see that?
Hoping it's not time for this TV to be retired.
I don't think you have made enough tests yet to jump to that conclusion.

When I bought my Sony KDL22L5000, the BestBuy tech said that the L5000 series had a better tuner than the L4000 series.
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