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Originally Posted by FreeJAC View Post

Any update to this?

Applications for DTV stations to come on the air after Aug. 31, 2011

# CJOH-DT (Ch. 13) Ottawa
# CFRN-DT Edmonton (Ch. 12)

I'm assuming based on the comments that were recently made by our industry minister that these requests would be denied?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. CTV is applying to flash cut CJOH on ch. 13. Why should it be denied? (Personally, I'd rather see CJOH at 30 or 40 kW instead of 20, but I understand there could be coordination issues with the FCC wrt WVNY on ch 13 in Burlington. In any case, it beats the lower power that they were originally allocated in the post-transition plan.)
According to downbeats post CJOH and CFRN have applied to extend passed the AUG 31 2011 digital cut over drop dead date. (or at least that is how I read it) To me this means they are trying to continue to operate in Analog passed Aug 2011. This is what I feel will be denied.

I am frustrated that CFRN in Edmonton is taking so long. Who knows what the hold up is, all I know is I e-mailed them and asked a number of months ago and they said it wouldn't be operational until 2011 so the hold up issues have been on going for quite a while.

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