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Finally got the 751 up on the roof.

Made only seemly marginal improvement, but channel 17, (RF 8), which is the one I was targeting, does seem to be more stable with less drops and pixilation. My Samsung TV shows 2 to 3 bars of signal strength with 18 to 19 SNR.

So I'm declaring success.

(I've noticed that anything less than 18 SNR is where I get pixilation and drop outs.)

To recap;

Had a DIY 10x9.5 Mclapp which is doing great, but weak on the VHF band. And the repack is moving more channels to VHF.

So I added a 751e with a AD combiner. The DIY 4 bay is now UHF only and the 751e is VHF only.

The fact that the Mclapp 4 bay received VHF channel 8 from about 60 miles away at all testifies to it's great design.
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