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@OberGeiss, one of the key advantages of the predictions at this site is the accounting for terrain. You don't have to wonder too much about how shadowed you are from tranmitting sites. Check out @MrP's plight for yourself by getting a depiction of the path from the Empire State Building antenna farm (WNBC as an example) to his location

In addition, due to the shadowing, the predicted noise margin for WNYW at his location is -26 dB. This means that the signal in the air is predicted to be that far below what is needed to get a lock. There is no practical antenna system (pre-amps don't count at this point) that can overcome that deficit.

There may be locations nearby that are not so shadowed, which is why it is very important to run predictions for the exact receive site. In this case, there is no way to get reliable reception of UHF signals from NYC.
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