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Sounds like we are in the same boat......or out on the same limb. My situation gives me one good shot with the free use of the boom lift. No climbing gear for me! I will have about a week to experiment with what ever I configure. I will upgrade the coax run to the house from the antenna. I know the DB8E would be an acceptable antenna but I did have problems with a channel down in VHF land. I added a VHF upgrade kit that did bring in the elusive VHF channel but it has disappeared with the snow in the trees. I would like to mount a medium size VHF and UHF directional antennas on a rotor. The length of there boom is the problem as to clear the trunk. My tower directions are about 40 degrees apart. I might not need the rotor but I won't be able to tune it after it is installed. I ran across this VHF Looking for a UHF in the same size. I truly believe getting another 40' of elevation will improve things but if I can put the optimum equipment up there another 40' I might get another channel.
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