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The 8 bay bowtie design of the db8e has much greater performance than the stacker on uhf and yes, any combo antenna is a compromise.

Size matters on antennas and the DB8e is the largest capture area UHF antenna available

Since you can get everything from rf channel 2 thru UHF, you could benefit from a 2-13 vhf antenna as well.

If you can't pull off running the two antennas on a rotor, then the winegard 8200 on a rotor would likely be the best you can do in a combo antenna.

While it would likely work better than the stacker, it is a very large and heavy antenna so you would need to keep the pipe above the rotor as short as possible.

Hopefully, AD, Rabbit 73, and Ground ur Mast will weigh in on this also

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